Misconceptions About Weight Loss

All of us have at some stage or the other wanted to lose weight. To attain our goals of shedding a few pounds we turn to skipping meals, reducing our calories intake or even taking up some form of physical activity. Some information that we possess about weight loss are wrong.ReadMore

Small Changes for More Weight Loss

Slow and steady wins the race. Studies have shown that people with more realistic goals and do not rush themselves to lose weight are usually more successful at losing weight.If you suddenly stop eating junk food all of a sudden, chances are that you will crave the same and cheat on your diet.ReadMore

Things About Flat Belly Diet

Diets if followed scientifically can definitely help in reducing weight. Before following any diet it is essential to learn about side effects if any and the right procedure. Those who have any illness should consult their doctors before starting on any diet. One of the diet plans that have attracted much attention is the Flat Belly Diet.ReadMore

Lose Weight by Having Sex

If you are looking for a fun way to lose weight, then nothing can beat pleasures that entail in having sex.Women can burn as much as 88 calories having a mere 25 minutes of sex. Sex is a workout for the entire body. No wonder we find newly married couples shedding a lot of weight immediately after their marriage.

Lose Weight Without Even trying

Weight reduction has been a task now-a-days for everyone in the day to day life. The extra pounds on the body lead oneself to go under rigorous workouts and diets. This has made the person miss the daily happiness, the taste buds, and a life of course.

Does Drinking Ice Water Burn Calories

Drinking water, warm or cold, has beneficial properties. There have been various theories regarding the temperature of water though. Some believe that warm water is beneficial to health while another section conclude that drinking cold water does the trick. In fact a theory that has been popular is that cold water, in fact, ice water, can actually burn calories.ReadMore

One-Minute Weight Loss Secrets

Weight gain is a big cause of worry for everyone. Obesity leads to innumerable diseases and it certainly does not add to vanity. If one is obese, then he or she can’t fit into her favorite dresses and also skipping beach picnics for the dread of wearing that beautiful bikini.ReadMore

Fish delicacies help burn fat

Fishes, fresh water and sea, come in more than 32,000 varieties and are occasionally classified as whitefish, oil fish or shellfish. Fishes are a good source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The oily fishes such as sardines are known to contain almost 10-25% fats and due to such high contents of fats, these fishes contain a range of fat soluble ReadMore

Foods that Helps You Lose Weight

Eating right and healthy is one of the most important aspects for anyone wanting to lose weight and stay fit. Even though most of the people want or aim to lose weight, but they are clueless as to what to eat and drink to not gain weight unnecessarily.ReadMore

Worst cocktails for weight loss

Who doesn’t like sipping cool, tasty and delicious cocktails while enjoying evening breeze on the terrace? Cocktails have become quite popular as it offers a mix of tastes that are perfect for tingling the taste buds. But, if you are very particular about your health and fitness and do not want to indulge in something that results in expanding yourReadMore