5 Ways to prevent Sports Injuries in Kids

Physical activity is very essential for all kids. It helps them grown and keeps them fit as individuals. As much as play is important, it is equally important to keep yourself safe when playing any sport.

Here are five ways to protect your kids from game related injuries:

Wear protective gear :Wear the protective gear that is required of the particular sport that you are playing. Protective gear for sports includes helmets, knee caps, protective pads and cups. Don’t mix up these protective gears. You might think that you can wear the same helmet for all the sports. But you can’t generalize helmets. Each sport has its own helmet. So make sure you use all the necessary protective gear when you play sports so that you can prevent getting hurt or suffer from any physical injuries.

Warm up and cool down:Most of us tend to ignore or neglect the fact that it is very important to warm up before you get into the actual play. You can warm up with a simple jog and a few stretches. Stretching helps your muscles get ready for the rigorous physical activity and reduces the chances of muscle pulls and cramps.

Don’t play when injured :As tempting as it is to go out and play your favorite game when you are sporting an injury, its best that you sit it out on the bench or enjoy a few days rest at home. If you play with an injury, chances are that you will cause further damage to the existing injury that might even result in a permanent injury preventing you to play for the rest of your life.

Know the rule of the game : It is always better to play the sport or game with complete knowledge of the rules. When you know the rules, there are lesser chances of making mistakes and making the wrong moves. Different games have different strategies and goals. So know your role well so that you don’t harm yourself and others.

Help others:A lot of injuries can be prevented if you watch out for others. For example if you see someone whose shoe laces are untied don’t hesitate to bring it out to his attention.

Top 9 Must Try Adventure Sports

Adventure sports are only for those who have the courage in them to face their greatest fears. There are some sports that you must experience in your lifetime.

Here is a list of the top 10 sports that one must try in one’s lifetime:

Bungee Jumping :This is a must try for all those people who are looking for an adrenaline rush. All over the world you can find sites where you can try out this sport by either jumping off bridges or buildings.The thrill comes in the freefall. For those who love adventure, this is one sport that you definitely cannot pass. It’s a memory that you can cherish forever in life.

Hiking :If you are a nature lover and love to walk, you can give this sport a try. Mountain trails are ideal for taking a hike. Pack a bag and grab a stick, with a pair of good hiking boots and you’re ready to go.

Scuba Diving :If you want to catch a glimpse of life underwater try taking some scuba diving classes, to get a scuba diving license. The experience will make you enjoy the simple pleasures in life.So get away from the hustle and bustle of your hectic work schedule and book yourself for some scuba diving classes to experience inner peace.

Kayaking :Kayaking is lots of fun, especially if you’re going with a big group of friends. You can start on calm waters and once you get enough experience, you can move on to gentle rapids.So get yourself in a kayak and paddle down the river. Battling yourself through the rapids will give your body a total workout and also the much anticipated adrenaline rush.

Surfing :Sure you have met a lot of people enjoying the sport, but do you have the courage to attempt the same. This sport is a little difficult to master because you have to be alert enough to you all your senses in the water, while maintain a fine sense of balance on the surf board. For all those beach lovers, this sport is a perfect reason to keep visiting the beach.

Rock Climbing:Many places offer indoor rock climbing these days. Try out an indoor one and if you happen to enjoy it that then do head outdoors and get a dose of the real thing.

Mountain biking : If you are crazy about cycling then this is a must try sport for you. Head out to the mountains and enjoy the feel of cycling on rough terrain.

Hang gliding :Soar in the sky like a bird. You definitely need to have your courage in its place to attempt this adventure. It might seem scary at first, but once you give it a shot you can never get enough.

5 Yoga Poses You Can Try During Your Air Travel

When you travel long distance by airplane, you have to sit for a long time. Sitting long time in one position is not good for the health. You will feel like some of the body parts become numb, such as neck, back, knees and feet. You will experience tight hips, stiff back and many more issues. As you are on a plane, it is not possible for you to walk and loosen your muscles.

The person who traveled frequently by airplane, experience the worse effects of sitting for a long time. You can perform a number of workouts during air travel. But yoga is more powerful than others. Yoga techniques have many benefits and help you to recover from these effects. Doing yoga in the flying airplane at 35,000 feet will sound amazing, but it is true. These simple yoga poses can be tried during your air travel. These poses will help you healthy and happy making your journey more enjoyable. These yoga poses do not require more place. You can do it just sitting on your seat, even without disturbing other passengers.

Leg and hip movement :After sitting long hours, you will experience pressure on your knee joints. Leg and hip movement helps you to wake up the legs. Bend your knee of the right leg and keep your right thigh near the chest. Make sure to place the left foot on the floor. Hold the positions for 10 breaths. On the sole of foot, place the palm of opposite hand. Inhale and press the knee towards the floor. Then exhale and raise the knee and bring the thigh near to your chest. Repeat the position at least 20 times for each leg. Your inner leg muscles get relaxed by doing this exercise.

Back release pose :Sit straight in your seat. Keep the left feet on the floor and place the right ankle on the left knee. Take a deep breath. Hold this position for 10 breathes. Repeat the pose for left leg.

Seated twist :This is a spine stretching pose. Sit with crossed legs, so that the right knee is over the left leg. Then place the left hand on right knee. Inhale and keep the back straight. Then exhale and turn to the right side. In this position, you should look over the right shoulder. Hold the position for 20 seconds. Repeat exercise for the other leg. It is good for shoulders, chest and spine.

Neck stretches :Inhale and look ahead. Then exhale and look left. Again inhale and look ahead. Exhale and look right. Repeat these steps.

Hand movements :Bring the palms together. Inhale and move the hands towards the ceiling. Then exhale and draw the hands towards the right. Inhale and come to the center position. Exhale and draw the hands towards the left. Repeat the steps.

Which sports are best to burn calories in winter

Come winters, everyone loves to get bundled up in a warm blanket and sit in front of crackling fire, enjoying a hot cup of coffee. During extreme winters, people usually shy away from setting foot outside the comfortable confines of their home and enjoy hot and delicious dishes while enjoying the warmth of their place. As a result, people start piling up extra pounds on their bodies. Even in extreme winters, it is essential for people to indulge in some activity so as to avoid weight gain. If this activity is interesting and entertaining, it becomes all the more enjoyable and people do not lose motivation to indulge in the same. Workouts, at times, become dreary and dull. Instead of a workout, if a person indulges in any of the winter sports, he or she will derive dual benefits in the form of enjoyment as well as fitness. These sport activities are best for burning excess calories. Moreover, fresh air will do a lot of good which is not possible if one stays cooped up for long periods of time in his or her home.

Fresh, cold air also helps in burning calories and if one indulges in any sport activity, the effect doubles. Cold weather is also responsible for the immune system being able to burn more calories in comparison to summers. This is because the system has to fight hard in order to keep the body warm. Before setting out to enjoy a winter sport activity, it is necessary to wear right clothes as well as accessories. Head and feet, especially requires special attention.

Winter sports helping in burning calories

Cross country skiing :This is one of the most exhilarating winter sports that people love to indulge in. A complete cardiovascular workout is possible with this sport. Every inch of the body works out in this sport without any heavy pounding needed to be done. Arms, shoulders and thighs get a good workout from this sport. Once skiing technique has been mastered, the player can glide on the ice smoothly thereby enjoying the exercise.

Snow shoeing:In this sport, poles are used for enjoying an exciting upper body workout. In this sporting activity, muscles of the thighs, abs and calves get a good exercise that gets well tones as a result. Almost 544 calories can be burned when indulging in this exercise. One must wear comfortable but warm clothes before going for this sport activity.

Ice skating : This is a popular sport which is played with great interest all over the world in snow prone areas. As soon as snow falls, people arrive at these places to enjoy this game. This sport offers a great work out to the calf and thigh muscles make them strong and toned. Leg muscles get challenged as one has to go backwards.

Downhill skiing :This skiing is done in a zigzag pattern which helps in working out core muscles in a better way.

Sports that can help growing kids!

It is very important for growing kids to indulge in a wide variety of physical activities and sports. Though, all kinds of sports are perfect for kids, outdoor sports help a great deal in imparting a lot of flexibility. When choosing a suitable sport for the kids, it is very important to ensure that the sport chosen for him is interesting for him and is upto his liking. If the sport they are playing is not liked by them, they will neither derive any pleasure or any benefits from them. Children when playing their choice of sport not only derive a lot of pleasure but also learn a lot of skills. Children not only develop physically but also psychologically.

Some of the sports that can help growing kids are:

Football :Football is a popular sport played all over the world with a lot of gusto and enthusiasm. If helps in muscles developing in a fine manner. The child gains a lot of flexibility and inner strength. Besides learning a lot of sporting techniques, the child also learns team spirit and art of commitment. Thus, playing this contact sport which requires a lot of energy helps in proper physical development. Playing this energetic sport also stimulates appetite which is good for growing kids.

Squash :This is another energetic sport that helps in rapid physical development in kids. This sport not only helps in letting off steam and unbridled energy but also helps in gaining a lot of skills. Children learn to socialise, they understand the importance of loyalty, commitment and sportsmanship. An impact will be seen not only on his or her physical development but also on academic achievements. They will be more energetic and enthusiastic about learning new skills.

Chess : Though, it is an indoor game, playing this sport is good for the brain. There are complicated moves in this sport which helps a kid to apply his brain and find best solutions. This is a good mental exercise that in stils sharpness and alertness in kids.

Cricket:This is another sport which is quite popular in many countries and kids love playing this game. Again this game offers an opportunity to indulge in a lot of running. This helps in their optimal development. Playing this sport also helps kids learn to make strategies and quick thinking and their implementation in order to achieve a goal.

Lawn Tennis :This sport requires a lot of energy. The muscles of thighs and arms particularly develop when playing lawn tennis. Playing this sport has a liberating and a balanced effect on the children.

Playing any kind of sport is essential for emotional as well as physical growth of a child. Hence, it is very important for children to indulge in some sporting activity or another in order to stay healthy.

Best Sports to have a Fit Body

With more stress and challenging lifestyle, people do not tend to pay attention to their food and their body. No time for your own body can lead to many problems in the later stage of life. Remember, when we used to play sports in school, we used to feel better and more energetic. Implementing the same habit once or twice a week can give you magnificent results. There are some of the best sports that can give you a fit body.

Tennis :Tennis is not only popular in the United States but in the entire world. There are many tennis clubs that you can enroll and play. Enrolling in a tennis club can be an expensive affair but it can offer you some great competition. An alternate option is to pay and book a court for one entire day. This can be done once a week. If you don’t know how to play tennis, start with a coaching lesson. It will not only give you new tennis partners but will give you a fit body.

Running :The cheaper sport with no equipment required. This sport can be done alone or with a club. Running can be done anytime and anywhere. Running is the most popular sport activity in the entire world. Running can be done as per your preference, either on a treadmill or on a road. It has the ability to burn a lot of calories and one can see great results on his body.

Basketball :Similar to running, this sport requires minimum equipment. It can burn lots of calories as there is a lot of running is involved in it. Practice will make a player perfect when you play this regularly. You can also shoot the hoops alone or can play with a team. A player has an option to join a league or no. It will definitely shed a few pounds from your body.

Football :Football has high chances of injuries as it is a bone crashing sport. But definitely have a very competitive edge and a lot of running activity involved in it. A person has to play with the team and has to follow rules as per the team members. Definitely it is a sport which can give you a great body.

Martial Arts: Schools promote martial arts for the children, which can be useful for their self defense, fitness and confidence. Apart from schools there are many academies that have sports like mixed martial arts, kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling and judo where adults can also learn and practice these games. They are to give you the best shape to your body.

Hockey : Anyone can make out, that playing hockey is certainly one tiring game and a great exercise. If you are a hockey fan, why not try yourself? If you can afford the equipment and have time to play, start learning. Hockey has gained immense popularity in the northeastern united states and one can find may play arenas there. A good game to get in shape and kick off some extra pounds from your body.