Ways to prevent Sports Injuries in Kids

Physical activity is very essential for all kids. It helps them grown and keeps them fit as individuals. As much as play is important, it is equally important to keep yourself safe when playing any sport. Here are five ways to protect your kids from game related injuries: Wear protective gear-Wear the protective gear that ReadMore

Top 9 Must Try Adventure Sports

Adventure sports are only for those who have the courage in them to face their greatest fears. There are some sports that you must experience in your lifetime. Here is a list of the top 10 sports that one must try in one’s lifetime: Bungee Jumping-This is a must try for all those people who are looking for an adrenalineReadMore

5 Yoga Poses You Can Try During Your Air Travel

When you travel long distance by airplane, you have to sit for a long time. Sitting long time in one position is not good for the health. You will feel like some of the body parts become numb, such as neck, back, knees and feet. You will experience tight hips, stiff back and many more issues. As you are on ...ReadMore

Which sports are best to burn calories in winter

Come winters, everyone loves to get bundled up in a warm blanket and sit in front of crackling fire, enjoying a hot cup of coffee. During extreme winters, people usually shy away from setting foot outside the comfortable confines of their home and enjoy hot and delicious dishes while enjoying the warmth of their place.ReadMore

Sports that can help growing kids!

It is very important for growing kids to indulge in a wide variety of physical activities and sports. Though, all kinds of sports are perfect for kids, outdoor sports help a great deal in imparting a lot of flexibility. When choosing a suitable sport for the kids, it is very important to ensure that the sport chosen for him is ...ReadMore

Best Sports to have a Fit Body

With more stress and challenging lifestyle, people do not tend to pay attention to their food and their body. No time for your own body can lead to many problems in the later stage of life. Remember, when we used to play sports in school, we used to feel better and more energetic. Implementing the same habit once or twice ...ReadMore

Switch over to Broccoli Bread Crumbs

Breadcrumbs add a wonderful texture to our fried tidbits and a wonderful topping to our casseroles. But why not opt for healthier gluten free crumbs? Reasons why you should switch over to broccoli bread crumbs: Its faster You need not wait for days old bread. Simply make a powder the broccoli to size of bread crumbs in the food processor.ReadMore