• Weight Loss Habits you should Never Turn to

    All of us want to lose weight and preferably fast. But sometimes we adopt the wrong measures to lose weight. Here are some weight loss habits that you should never resort to: Pill popping Nothing can ever replace eating real food. It is better to eat food that is nutritious, with the right amount of vitamins and minerals and contains ReadMore

    5 Ways to prevent Sports Injuries in Kids

    Physical activity is very essential for all kids. It helps them grown and keeps them fit as individuals. As much as play is important, it is equally important to keep yourself safe when playing any sport. Here are five ways to protect your kids from game related injuries: Wear protective gear-Wear the protective gear that is required of the ReadMore


    • Yoga has a solution for every problem. If you are one of those people who find it hard to fall asleep then turn to yoga. Save yourself from having to toss around in your bed sheets and under your pillows to try and fall asleep. Here are some poses that will help you drift off to sleep easily: Cow Posture

    • After a workout there are certain things that should be done. If not, then you could land up injuring your body. A workout takes up a lot of energy and effort from your body. So it becomes almost a necessity to replenish or repair the body.

    • Crop tops are back in fashion. It’s time to dig up all those crop tops lying at the back of your closet. We all might not be in tip top shape to sport them this summer after all the binging we did this winter. But not to worry as there is nothing that a few weeks of exercise

    • Getting ones daily required dose of sleep should not be taken lightly. As much as a leisurely activity it might seem, it is important to sleep for your body to function as it optimally should. The increased usage of android phones and other electronic devices have led to us keeping awake till the wee hours of the morning

    4 Ways to Detox with Water

    Water naturally on its own detoxes our body of the impurities and toxins present in it. To be in the best of health it might be a good idea to detox your body once in a while. There are certain natural ingredients that detox our body and flush out all the toxins and when you pair them with water ReadMore

    Supplements Men Need To Take Daily

    There can be nothing that can replace a good diet. But there are very few people who eat a perfect diet or very few people who manage to absorb all of the consumed vitamins or minerals. It is in these conditions that supplements come in handy. ReadMore